Hi, I’m Ani Vong, and I’m a #lifestylist.


Style is a statement beyond words. 

It’s women unleashing the inner poetry of their soul to live the best version of themselves. It’s women coming together while falling in love with who they truly are. It’s confidence so you can lead in all aspects of your life - love, work, and play. 

For Women from the Beginning

Humanity was launched in July 2008 by serial entrepreneur and veritable girlboss Franky Descoteaux in Lowell, Massachusetts. Believing that a boutique in our community can bring women together, she led the business to success for several years. 

Enter myself, Ani Vong, into the Humanity story. When I began my journey at the boutique in April of 2012, I discovered the transformative power of style in women’s lives, and how a storefront can be a gateway for my personal values - sisterhood, community, and lifestyle. 

Humanity is my curated women’s fashion collection borne of the belief that we all can live, love, and lead in style. 

...And feel great doing it. 


here’s my #whyhumanity

I’m a Khmer woman, refugee, and entrepreneur. I’m an advocate, visual artist, and girlboss. I’m a lover, fighter, and a believer in the power of women’s clothing to define the women that change the world.

As a lifestylist it’s my mission to make women proud of - and fall in love with - who they are.

As owner of Humanity Style since 2014, I’ve built a following of inspiring women who live and breathe the importance of our three pillars: Lifestyle. Sisterhood. Community.

...One of those inspiring woman works for me! 


Melissa Rost,

Assistant Manager and lifestylist

Melissa is an inspiring woman with a big dream - to help other women love themselves through style.

As my right hand, Melissa makes Humanity work for women through her professionalism and passion for fostering the girlboss that lies inside of us all.

Follow Melissa @str8upmel